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Foot Massage

As you can see from the chart on the top, nearly all areas of the body have a corresponding reflexology point on the foot.


The purpose of the body’s metabolism is to eliminate body wastes and toxins, including the five organs, the lymphatic system, the large intestine, and the skin tissue, which are important organs for detoxification. If these organs are dysfunctional or weakened, they are usually not visible or even not perceived. Due to the special structure of the human body, all organs have nerves extending to the foot. The peripheral nerve blocks are called the corresponding reflexology point.


The foot massage uses principle of the stimulation to massage the corresponding reflexology point of the diseased organ or glands to achieve a therapeutic effect.


Through stimulation of foot acupuncture massage, it promotes systemic blood flow, enhances metabolism, refreshes your body, and relieves leg soreness and tightness. This service includes foot bathing.